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Money, as unit of taxation, compels action. Pay for liberty: if you fail to pay taxes, your liberties will be restricted.

Money has limited value if its pursuit is perceived to require a greater loss of liberty than risking the penalties for tax evasion.

Original sin

How do we repay the debt of knowledge, and in what currency?

Success is counted sweetest

If America is racing to the bottom, are the presently most successful also the most self destructive?

To intellectuals

How do you act–how do you do–when anything you express might be deployed to subvert the aims you intended to forward?

Believe it or not

Can the believability of a statement be couched in terms of how much the world would have to (have) change(d) to make it true?

For instance: I've eaten 10.25 pounds of sardines over the course my life. The back of this envelope suggests that statement may be true. It’s believable.

Strange, as there is almost surely no way for anyone to confirm its truth; at best we have guesswork, envelope backs. Usually we treat such cases with distributions and confidence, the stuff of (subjectivist) probability. Yet what observation could be made now to adjust belief in a past fact that presumably leaves no trace on the present and future other than memory?

It’s not hard to imagine a person keeping track of such a figure, however. The world would have to have been changed in a seemingly negligible way for the truth of this statement to be known now not as an interval with confidence but as an actualized fact.

Herein lies a cognitive error: as technology advances, and more changes become “seemingly negligible,” more statements become believable. Among those undoubtedly number false statements.

Mung until no good

If I had a nickel for every time someone said “If I had a nickel for…”, I’d be rich like a banker.


If one complains about A and trouble results, A is not the cause.

But if A causes trouble and one complains about it, A is still the cause of trouble.


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